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BRC Bookkeeping provides Professional and Proficient Bookkeeping Services throughout Toowoomba and the rest of South East Queensland.

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BRC Bookkeeping offers a full range of financial administrative services to small businesses across the Darling Downs and beyond from our Toowoomba location. From in-house training to receipt management to tax preparation and lodging, our friendly team of experienced and knowledgeable experts will turn your points of pain in managing a business into points of pleasure. We will help you get on top of all your laborious paperwork tasks. Why be a slave to time-taxing bookkeeping services when we can take care of it all on your behalf?

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Bridgette Callaghan

Bridgette Callaghan


A reliable reputable service is only as good as the team behind its service offering. The top benefit of choosing BRC Bookkeeping is the quality of expertise provided by our professional team of experts in the industry. Our team of top talent is spearheaded by our founder and CEO – Bridgette Callaghan whose qualifications include Bachelor of Business & Commerce and a Certificate IV in Financial Services aswell as BAS Agent certification. She also has invaluable industry experience in providing accounting services. The creation of BRC Bookkeeping arose out of the eagerness to help small businesses maintain control over their books, improve cash flow and see their businesses grow. Family time is super important to Bridgette and she loves spending time with her husband and kids – and that passion infuses into what she does. Her goal is to help you spend more time with your family by freeing you of your books! When she is not hanging with the family or buried in BAS Statements, Bridgette might just be cooking up a storm in her Thermomix or engaging in a little craft.

“I am passionate about teaching others how to use Xero in their business to it’s greatest potential. I enjoy passing on many years of knowledge of how to get jobs done in the quickest way, while ensuring that quality of work is always maintained to a high standard. If there is a simple way to keep your bookkeeping in order, I will know it!”

Bridgette Callaghan


At BRC Bookkeeping we offer a convenient location in the centre of Toowoomba for you to come and see us, otherwise we can come to you or consult via Skype. It’s up to you! Need help with tax preparation or updating your financial records? Book your free consultation and receive a no-obligation quote. Give BRC Bookkeeping a call today.
The amount of people who struggle through work processes, knowing that there must be a better way, but being too shy/stubborn to ask for help. Bite the bullet and accept that we can be amazingly talented at everything, then let me teach you how to be amazingly talented at bookkeeping!!
Bridgette Callaghan

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Because talking numbers is what we do! Get in touch for a free consultation to assess the bookkeeping needs for your business and how BRC Bookkeeping  can help you.